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Ephesians 5:22-33 - One in Christ
By The BFC Gadfly
May 30, 2019

Text to Consider: Ephesians 5:22-33

Fallen Condition Being Addressed: Unlike things fall apart.

Grace Answer: Christ has now made us one new unity, one new thing in Him.

Have you ever been to an orchestra concert?  Isn’t it amazing how so many different players and instruments can sound so “together” in the performance?  Think about it!  On the stage there may be one hundred artist or more, all playing their instruments skillfully in unison with each other.  When it all comes together, it simply sounds like one new instrument beautifully playing one piece of music.  The secret to the magic is that the many become one, each giving place to those around them so that an expression of the heart can be transmitted to the listeners’ ears.

This is the idea we must keep in mind in order to understand the teaching of this passage.  These instructions make no sense to those who see themselves as individuals.  In order for this to make sense we must grasp that we are no longer “independent operators” in God’s scheme.  We are now unbreakably joined together as one new “molecule,” or on new “atom.”

When two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen one new substance is formed called “water.”  These two elements, hydrogen and oxygen, join together to become one new thing.  

Until we see that our union with Christ makes us into something more than we used to be, these commands to “submit” and “love” will make no real sense to us.  If we continue to see ourselves as mere individuals who have signed a contract with each other rather than two things that have now combined to become one new thing, we will struggle against each other causing needless friction.  Instead of playing in harmony like a well-tuned orchestra, we will explode in disunity like a triggered land mine.

In very complex endeavors of life, how you think about what you are doing makes all the difference between success or failure.  Think about it!  Which baseball team is most likely to succeed?  A team of talented individuals or a team of talented team players?  Which army is likely to win victory?  An army in which each soldier feels responsible for the good of others or an army in which each man looks out for his own skin alone?

In chapter 2 of Ephesians the Holy Spirit discussed with us this principle as it concerns our ethnicity: there are no longer Gentiles or Jews in the Church.  We have now become one new thing.  We are Christians.  This same principle is now carried into marriage; the two have become one in Christ.

The difficulties we now experience in marriage and in the church largely come from our failure to conceive of ourselves as this one new man, one new unit, with new aspirations, new objectives, new tools and new powers.  It’s a thinking problem, a failure of insight and imagination first of all.

Until the Holy Spirit does His work of renewing our minds, we will struggle.  He does this work through “the washing of water with the word.”  Renewing our minds is crucial to the Christian life.

Secondly, we must realize that this new oneness is an expression of the life of Christ within each believer and within His Church.  We live out this oneness by Christ living His life out through each member of His family. 

Thinking along these lines, could we conceive of Christ refusing to submit to the Father’s leadership?  Or can we imagine the Holy Spirit acting independently from the Son?  Unimaginable!

So should it now be with believers.  Wives now have Christ within, living in submission to their husbands.  Husbands now have Christ within, loving their wives through them.

So pulling it all together, we now have one life to share together, one new objective as a team, and one Savior within living His life out through ours.

Do we see ourselves this way now that we belong to Him?   


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