I am fascinated how we could read through the Scriptures and today, I might see something in a totally different light to what I have seen over the past 8 times reading the same Scripture. I feel like it helps to reinforce the age-old belief that we were given the ‘Living Word of God’! We know that we worship and adore our ‘living’ Lord, but how rewarding to know that His Word is forever new and afresh to us whenever we open its pages and are guided by the Holy Spirit! Meditate with me as we look into the importance of really seeing others in much the same.


DATE POSTED Friday, 2022-06-17
WRITTEN AT: Jensen Beach, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Mark 8:22-25


BIBLE TEXT: 22 When they arrived at Bethsaida, some people brought a blind man to him and begged him to touch and heal him. 23 Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village, and spat upon his eyes, and laid his hands over them. “Can you see anything now?” Jesus asked him.  24 The man looked around. “Yes!” he said, “I see men! But I can’t see them very clearly; they look like tree trunks walking around!”  25 Then Jesus placed his hands over the man’s eyes again and as the man stared intently, his sight was completely restored, and he saw everything clearly, drinking in the sights around him.


APPLICATION: At first glance of this miracle, one might think that this is an example of progressive healing. Doubters may think that Jesus didn’t successfully heal the blind man on His first try, so He had to try again. But friends, I am more convinced than ever, that every word in the Bible is deliberately intended for our benefit, learning and application. You see, when one is convicted of their sin and accepted into the kingdom of heaven, we see Jesus clearly for who He is. But in 1 John 4:21, we are told “God himself has said that one must love not only God but his brother too”. Now, although we see no evidence that the blind/miracle man hated his neighbor, after his initial touch by Jesus he received his sight, but he became much like Christians today, for he saw people in the distance – blurry and walking about like tree stumps. When we are ignoring people, we do something very similar – we give only a glancing eye to them, and it would take a solid brick to awaken us to their needs. It is glorious for us to experience Jesus and the wonderful, eye-opening miracle of salvation He gives to us! But let’s never forget the words of 1 John 4:21. Let’s learn to love our brother/neighbor/sister so deeply – in fact, much like Jesus loves us, and then perhaps we will understand their life-challenges, feel their hurts, experience their pain in life and their desire for love and appreciation from others. Remember, their eyes are the mirror of their soul, so get up close and personal and either see the peace in their eyes or empathize with them over the challenges of life you will see reflected in their eyes. This can be summed up in just a few words: love them enough to show that you care about them, and then be their brother or sister through the good and challenging times of life. Be deliberate in loving others, just as you love and appreciate the Great I Am – our wonderful and powerful Almighty God!


BLESSING(S) NOTED: Oh to see our brothers and sister very clearly! Even to their hurts and anxieties that are deep inside of them. Enough of the casual glances. Let’s see them like Jesus sees them.


PRAYER: Thank You Lord Jesus for opening the eyes of the blind man in our story today, and also for opening our eyes to the way that we merely glance at some folk, instead of truly following in Your example to know their heart. Our aim each and every day is to be more like You Lord, so we humbly pray that You will also look deep inside our hearts that have been blinded to the real needs of our fellow Brothers and Sisters. May it be evident to them that it’s all about You when we show that we care, because we want them to know that there is One who lives and loves deeper than a brother. Have Your will and way in our lives precious Lord, we want to be like You! AMEN!

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