By: Mike Calhoun


Let’s be honest: we all like to get credit for the things we accomplish.


So, what about those times when you plan, assist, contribute or even make the project happen? How do you respond when you are not recognized or even mentioned in the small print?


The paradox of leadership is that there are times when you make a difference, and nobody knows your name.


  1. Diligence – They were not only obedient to do the task but did it thoroughly. Jesus said “fill the jars” and they “filled them to the brim.” It would have been easy or even acceptable to fill the jars without doing so to the brim.  Servant leaders always give their best.
  2. Intimacy – They were involved at every level of the endeavor with Jesus. It did not matter if the wedding party had any knowledge of the part they played…they knew that Jesus knew and they had been His servants! The drive behind their service was simply obedience.  Servant leaders serve a higher purpose.
  3. Humility – They distributed this new wine to the wedding party but took no credit. The servants appear to have just delivered the wine and returned to the next task. They did not wait for recognition or praise.  Servant leaders do not have to be recognized.

So, the next time you Make a Difference and Nobody Knows Your Name, why not approach the situation like these servants? I love the phrase in verse nine when it says the ruler of the wedding did not know where the great wine came from that day “…though the servants who had drawn the water knew.”


What a satisfying thought!


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