Bible Fellowship offers a unique range of Adult Christian Education & Prayer opportunities. Below you’ll find a list of our most popular classes and studies to choose from!

Strength in Prayer                 All Adult Ages

Overcomers Sunday School           All Adult Ages

Going Deeper Sunday School        All Adult Ages

Reality Check                                    Ages 18-30

Home Builders                                All Adult Ages

Faith Builders Sunday School        All Adult Ages

Women Growing Deeper               All Adult Ages

Book Club                                        All Adult Ages

Stitch-N-Chat                                  Adult Ladies

GriefShare Ministry                         All Adult Ages

1st Place for Health                        Adult Ladies

Women’s Bible Study                    Adult Ladies

Worship Based Prayer                  All Adult Ages

Men’s Ministry                                Adult Men

Men’s Bible Study                         Adult Men

Ladies’ Bible Study                       Adult Ladies

Prayer via (ZOOM)                         All Adult Ages

NAOMI Ministry                                        Widows

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