I feel like today’s Scripture is a warning that things could get a lot worse, before they get better. I know that sounds challenging, but let’s remember that ‘better’ means eternity in heaven and away from this wicked world. I love the witnessing opportunities that will present itself while we conclude our life here on earth, so as we meditate on this word today, let’s keep in mind that no matter what may come to us here on earth, there is a much better place awaiting us!


DATE POSTED Thursday, 2021-10-07
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Luke 21:12-19
TRANSLATION: The Passion Translation (TPT)


BIBLE TEXT: 12–13 And because you follow me, you will be on trial before kings and governmental leaders as an opportunity to testify to them in my name. 14–15 Yet determine in your hearts not to prepare for your own defense. Simply speak with the words of wisdom that I will give you that moment, and none of your persecutors will be able to withstand the grace and wisdom that comes from your mouths. 16 “You can expect betrayal even by your parents, your brothers, your relatives and friends—and yes, some of you will die as martyrs.17 You will be hated by all because of my life in you. 18 But don’t worry. My grace will never desert you or depart from your life. 19 Stand firm with patient endurance…..”


APPLICATION: How committed are you to being a child of the King? Committed enough to stay determined to serve Christ and acknowledge His as Lord, no matter what may come your way? Jesus’ disciples were curious about some of the things that He taught them, and in this instance it was about the destruction of the beautiful temple that they stood in. Jesus took such times to really bring out a truth about His going away, and also how we will be challenged for even acknowledging that we are a follower of Christ. The world, meaning those who have chosen not to accept and follow Christ, despise those who decide to follow Jesus. I know, you don’t have any family or friends like that, but there will come a time when you will be called unkind names; there are times you will be called stuck-up or prideful, or perhaps unwilling to associate with the ‘local folk’. It was this type of envy and hatred that led to the Pharisees calling Jesus names, and their tempting Him to say things against the ‘locals’, so they could have Him condemned by their authorities, that ultimately led to His false imprisonment and conviction of treason. But friends, I wonder if we are convinced and confident and committed enough in our decision to accept and follow Jesus Christ, that we would really be convicted of anything? Remember Peter, the disciple who said that Jesus could depend on him to follow Him and stand firm for Him even if it led to his death? Peter, the one Jesus nicknamed ‘the rock’ because of his boldness, yet he conceded to the bombardment of questions about his identity with Christ, three times in quick succession. Would you or I be better prepared to handle the questioning Jesus referred to in these verses without caving in to the pressure of what might come next? But look at the words Jesus chose to encourage us with in verse 18: ‘don’t worry, my grace will never desert you or depart from you’. I remember similar words also spoken by Jesus when He said ‘My grace is all sufficient for your every need’! Friends, it is painfully true that we may cave in to earthly pressure, but the love of Jesus will never fade away from us. It is also true that Jesus promised us that we could afford to stand firm in our faith, even when temptation or trials come, for His grace is sufficient for us and He will see us through our circumstances. Do you know Him my friend? Let me encourage you to know Him in such a personal way that you would be willing to depend on the grace of our Father as He stands ready and willing to be our strength and provider in every circumstance of life.


BLESSING(S) NOTED: His grace is sufficient for us in all that we do in Jesus’ name and for His glory! Let’s prepare ourselves for the worst, knowing that we have the very best guiding and protecting us as we serve Him and testify in His name.


PRAYER: I am Thine oh Lord, and I have heard Your promise in today’s Scripture. Thank You for Your reassurance and also for Your promises to be with us right until the very end of time. May my readers and listeners join me with hearts of gratitude for our King as we rest our hands in Yours and leave our anxiety and cares at Your feet. Times may get rough for us, but with our hand in Yours, we know that Your grace will see us through. Please draw the unsaved to Yourself today Lord, especially our family members and those that we are connected to in some way. AMEN!

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