BFC has a problem: We have far too many children and youth involved in our Wednesday night ministries for our present facility to accommodate.  Recognizing this, our Elders opened a project in 2019 aimed at purchasing land so that we can expand our facilities to accommodate the need.   


Taking 1 Chronicles 20:12 – “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you” – as our prayer guide, our Elders committed the matter to earnest prayer.  God has graciously answered by providing for our purchase of 20+ acres of land within two miles of our present site.  We are currently working with a firm specializing in church architecture to draw up a plan for development of that site. 



How to Get Involved

Join Our Growth Challenge Prayer Team

We have a community of people committed to praying daily, specific prayers for our Growth Challenge project.  We are planning monthly prayer gatherings open to any who wishes to join us in a morning of prayer for the endeavor.  We plan an annual prayer retreat in the fall of the year so we can engage in several days of extended prayer for this effort.  We’d love to have you get involved! Simply email to join the team so we can add you  our Remind system of prayer notifications. 

Join our Growth Challenge Faith Promise Team

We already have a team of individuals committed to regular financial donations to the Growth Challenge.  Would you consider joining our team?  Pick up a Faith Promise card from our Receptionist desk next time you’re at BFC.  Fill out the card and drop it in one of our offering boxes.  The amount you pledge will be confidential and your fulfillment of your promise is between you and God.  Follow this link if you’d like to donate today: BFC Online Giving (

Follow Growth Challenge progress by signing up for Growth Challenge Updates

As progress is made and we have news to share, BFC will keep you in the know through emails and podcasts.  Want to be in on it?  Sign up by sending an email to or call BFC and give us a number through which you can receive text messages.     


Here’s a link to our Latest Update:

Growth Challenge Update


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