As a young teenager, there are young ladies that men want to impress, so they choose to do many interesting things to get their attention! Are you willing to do things to please God, even if men are offended? In our Scripture for today, Jesus was dealing with the behavior of the Pharisees who were mocking Him for a lesson He just taught His disciples about the dangerous act of greed for money. Perhaps you are also torn by two masters and may benefit from this lesson by Jesus today.


DATE POSTED Thursday, 2021-09-16
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Luke 16:14-15
TRANSLATION: The Passion Translation (TPT)


BIBLE TEXT: 14 Now, the Jewish religious leaders listening to Jesus were lovers of money. They laughed at what he said and mocked his teachings, 15 so Jesus addressed them directly. “You always want to look spiritual in the eyes of others, but you have forgotten the eyes of God, which see what is inside you. The very things that you approve of and applaud are the things God despises. 


APPLICATION: Don’t you sometimes wonder if there is anything that a person won’t do in their fight for MORE money? The Pharisees were known as the religious leaders of the Jews, but they loved money. They therefore became very upset when they heard Jesus teaching His disciples about the danger in loving money, while also trying to love their Lord. We all know the importance of having enough money to purchase the necessities of life, but we are also reminded about the times when we are on a mission and can think of nothing else other than making another dollar, or seeking ways to increase our income. So why did this bother Jesus enough to teach this to His disciples? I believe there may have been a few reasons:
-—> Jesus knew the Pharisees were near enough to hear His teaching and He really wanted them to do better at living the lifestyle they were teaching. Elsewhere in the Bible we are taught that money is the root of all evil. In other words, when evil shows its ugly head, seek to find if money is at the root of the problem. Yes, even in churches!
-—> The disciples came from various backgrounds, but most were innocent fishermen who worked hard for enough money to survive. Jesus didn’t want them to become greedy for money and spoil their innocence. So He taught them that this was an area that required moderation and less of their attention, if they were to truly serve the Lord.
So how does this apply to us today? I believe that we still have folk like the Pharisees today. They are greedy for money, but they also want to be looked upon as honest and upright in their community, so they attach themselves to a church. We also have new Christians in our churches who need discipling. Is it wrong for them to seek after money? I believe that church leaders have a responsibility to teach the Word of God, and how, if they are not careful, their heart for more money could distract them from their heart for more of the Lord. I believe that God loves a hard worker, but when one becomes so engrossed in their work because of their drive for more money, they will generally stop at nothing to get it, even if it sometimes include questionable decisions. I remember when Jesus sent the disciples out to preach the gospel. He told them not to take money or clothing, as there would be churches who would take care of their basic needs. A normal job will be moderated with only so many hours on the job, therefore giving enough time for one to balance family and community time into their agenda. Does that sound like your agenda each day/week? When your mind is at peace with God, you will make time in your agenda for God, family, church and work – in that order. Are you living a balanced life, or one filled with greed for one of the areas mentioned? You were on God’s mind when His Son hung on the cross at Calvary. I pray that God is on your mind throughout your day!


BLESSING(S) NOTED: We should aim to love the things that Jesus loves. He gave His life for us, and He wants us to totally surrender our lives to Him. The greed of money will distract from that allegiance.


PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I know that there are times when the stresses of this life separate us from You because we become so caught up in trying to resolve our issues. But I am also reminded from Your Word today that there are times when we are just too distracted in trying to get ahead financially, that we fail to devote ourselves to growing in our faith and drawing closer to You. Praise God, You provide everything we need or could ever need. Please help us to stay focused on the cross and maintain a thankful attitude that longs to grow more like You in every way. May you be prominent in our lives and may others see nothing but Jesus in our lives and in our actions, and may they be drawn to You. AMEN!

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