Ever referred to yourself as a ‘Servant’? That’s probably something that we hear our pastors, priests, elders, or deacons referred to as, nor even our Christian Brothers or Sisters. But let us explore why Jesus chose to add this subject to His discussion on giving extra faith to His disciples, as they requested. I believe it will also become clearer on what we should aim for today!


DATE POSTED Saturday, 2021-09-18
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Luke 17:9-10
TRANSLATION: The Passion Translation (TPT)


BIBLE TEXT: 9 Does the servant expect to be thanked for doing what is required of him? 10 So learn this lesson: After doing all that is commanded of you, simply say, ‘We are mere servants, undeserving of special praise, for we are just doing what is expected of us and fulfilling our duties.’


APPLICATION: Ever felt like a ‘flunky’? I haven’t heard this term in recent years, but I remember hearing this a lot as I grew up, and it was often used in lieu of the word ‘servant’, but in a more derogatory manner. I wonder if that might be the reason for most adults avoiding the term ‘servant’? But I found it interesting that Jesus chose to teach His disciples about servanthood as part of His response to the disciples request for more ‘faith’. Jesus Himself said that He came to serve, and so should His disciples, if we expect to live in His likeness. But the reason I believe that Jesus brought this into His teaching, is that anytime we don’t have the answer for something, or if we need to depend on others to make something happen that we are praying about, or if we don’t have a clue about how or if something is possible, then we must have faith in that person in whom we are depending on to accomplish the work. Because we can’t physically see Jesus, we must have faith to believe in Him and His unlimited abilities. As a servant, we are always dependent on the master to treat us right and meet our needs. Jesus wanted His disciples to get used to the idea of servanthood, for He would always be their Master. He taught that although we might be a servant here on earth, we are valued as sons and daughters in His kingdom. The opposite of servant is master, and in the kingdom of heaven there is only one Master – Jesus/God. By us being a servant, we acknowledge that the one Master is over all things. No matter how hard we work, or how many churches we’re in charge of, we are still servant to the Most High God. As a servant, we are often very needy of the master, and that’s exactly our position in the Kingdom, we are dependent on God for everything. So where are you at today? Are you truly displaying a servant’s heart and waiting for the Master to give you your next orders? Let’s try very hard not to try and change the order of who we are. We are children of the Almighty God and as such, we are His servants here on earth. Let’s try to excel in obedience, respect, honor and praise so that our Master might be lifted high above all His servants. We must always be just mere servants, undeserving of any praise, for we are just doing the Master’s work.


BLESSING(S) NOTED: In being servants of the Most High God, it becomes evident that we are His children doing His work until He returns to take us with Him to glory!


PRAYER: Precious Lord, thank You for being my Master and Lord. May I always seek to be servant, never desirous of any praise, but always seeking to honor You in all that I do. Please humble the hearts of my readers and listeners so that we all might understand Your way – as described in today’s Scripture. You said that the field is ripe for the harvest, but more servants are needed, not masters. We are all on the same playing field and equal at the foot of the cross. May we all learn to follow You while always praising You for who You are and for what You would have us do as Your servant. Lord, be glorified through Your servants, each of us. AMEN!

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