We spend our lifetimes pursuing: the benefits of education – to enhance our job opportunities; saving a ‘nest egg’ – to improve our opportunities for retirement; finding the best spouse, and pleasing them for the rest of our lives – to enhance our chance at happiness and contentment; etc, etc. But although David had done most of the same things, he found the God of this universe as his Protector, his Guide, his Friend and his Everlasting Hope. As we meditate on the words of David in this Psalm today, perhaps God will draw us to the real source of happiness in our lives.


DATE WRITTEN: Friday, 2021-06-04
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Psalm 34:8-10
TRANSLATION: The Passion Translation (TPT)


BIBLE TEXT: 8 Drink deeply of the pleasures of this God.  Experience for yourself the joyous mercies he gives to all who turn to hide themselves in him.  9 Worship in awe and wonder, all you who’ve been made holy!  For all who fear him will feast with plenty.  10 Even the strong and the wealthy grow weak and hungry, but those who passionately pursue the Lord will never lack any good thing.


APPLICATION: For those of you that watch very much television, you could wind up very confused by the end of the day after being pitched commercial after commercial telling you how to choose the best products, food, partner, house, boat or investment. However, for the child of God, we know that the One in whom we believe brings us all of these things without us stressing over who to trust. Furthermore, as we seek God, accept His offer of salvation through His only Son, and understand His plan for our lives here on earth, we also learn more about the home He has prepared for us in Heaven after we transition from this world. Ever notice that at the very best, the world can offer us a real nice crypt, or mausoleum when we finish our time here on earth, but they have no power beyond that point. David had faced many challenges in his day, although he never indicated a state of perfection, for you see, David knew that he belonged to the Almighty God. In each verse of our Scripture today we could see where David is not only giving us great advice, but the advice is based on personal experience with his Maker. In verse 8, David coached us to ‘experience the joyous mercies that God gives to all who hide themselves in the arms of Jesus; In verse 9 David identified with all who worship God and recognize His amazing power and majesty, for as they fear Him, or respect the King of all kings, they will feast with plenty and they will enjoy the benefit of His goodness; And in verse 10, David encouraged us to passionately pursue the Lord – go after Him with heart, soul and mind, and we will be rewarded with so much that we will never lack any good thing. Friends, these things that David spoke about in our Scripture today will never show up on your TV screens, for these are offered only by our Father in Heaven, who sees our heart, knows our needs and longs to meet our every need while still here on earth, and when we transition to Glory to be with our Savior. Are you ready for the coming of the Lord dear friends, or are you satisfied with just the ordinary, yet stressful things of earth? There is a better way – seek the Lord while He may be found, and know His peace that surpasses all human understanding! You will never lack any good thing!


BLESSING(S) NOTED: I expanded above on three blessings noted in the focal verses today. These are proven and timeless promises by a God who loves us beyond description! Know Him today, and know this peace!


PRAYER: Thank You Lord for all that You did in the life of Your servant, David. He was able to share with us from first hand experience how You blessed him and cared for him. Please provoke us to love and good works, so that we too might share the love of God. and Your mercies that endure for ever and for ever. We are too blessed to just keep Your mercies bottled up inside. Our family and friends deserve to know about You, may we be their inspiration. AMEN!

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