Often we will go to bed feeling like we have just ended another awful day of troubles and trials. With that in mind, we may arise with worry about how much worse can today possibly be. Moses, the writer of today’s Psalm, had seen some very rough and challenging days in the Wilderness, but he also saw first hand the many miracles performed by God to deliver His people safely into the Promised Land. In this prayer, Moses sounds a lot like us, where we would just as soon experience a day of solid ‘highs’ like we’ve seen God do before. Today could be that kind of day for you, if you ask God for it!


DATE POSTED Thursday, 2022-06-15
WRITTEN AT: Jensen Beach, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Psalm 90:14-17
TRANSLATION: New Living Translation (NLT)


BIBLE TEXT: 14 Satisfy us each morning with your unfailing love,
    so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.
15 Give us gladness in proportion to our former misery!
    Replace the evil years with good.
16 Let us, your servants, see you work again;
    let our children see your glory.
17 And may the Lord our God show us his approval
    and make our efforts successful.
    Yes, make our efforts successful!


APPLICATION: Moses may have heard a lot of stories about how God blessed his ancestors. But more importantly, Moses experienced some pretty miraculous things in his own lifetime. Often the overwhelming pain and disappointments of failures and/or hard times might be enough to create a very cautious outlook on life, for we know how bad things could get. But what might cause a good and honest man of God to concentrate on the good in a day, vs the many bad things that could occur? Friends, when we have a close and intimate relationship with our God, and we remind ourselves of His authority and power over all things, then we are more apt to reflect back over the apparent bad things that occurred and see very clearly how God accomplished super important things through those challenging times. Alternately, we could give in to the mockery of Satan and believe that he could make things even worse for us, so our hope sinks to a new low. Notice how Moses cried out to God to just please ‘do it again’! In other words, just as You provided manna for us to eat yesterday and allowed me to strike a rock, from which You permitted water to flow for Your people, then please Lord, do that again. We currently have many examples of ‘hard times’ that could easily provoke us to whine and complain while expecting more of the same. Crime, inflation, fuel costs and health challenges are all at extremely high levels, and the pessimist, or unbeliever, has every reason to think that these things will only worsen. But for those of us who have walked in the same shoes as Moses, we know that God moved waters aside and provided a dry road for His people to walk across open waterways; He created and made available manna for His people – millions of them, to eat each day; He impregnated a young virgin girl with His precious Son, knowing that we needed a way out of our sin and our horrifying destination – Hell; He healed the sick, made the blind to see again and the lame to pick up his bed and walk again – lots of evidence that our God is a miracle working God who provides for His children in ways that we could hardly imagine or ask for. So when we ask God to see us through our current problems and to prepare us for our reunion with He and His Son, don’t you know that we could easily arise each morning in much the same light as Moses prayed for – knowing that God has control, and He is more than willing to prepare us for the wonderful and blessed day He has prepared for us? My dear, dear friends, only God can heal the bodies of those who are still suffering from Covid; only God can provide for those of us who might look at the declining stock markets and remind us that He will supply ALL our needs; only God can mend the broken hearts of those who have lost dearest loved ones over recent months and years from the very unexpected effects of Covid; only God can encourage the increasing numbers of homeless souls who each day awaken to their new lifestyle and apparent hopelessness, into an exciting hope that He has a glorious home prepared for each of them that will outshine the best and most extravagant homes that we could walk by and dream of here on earth. Please Lord, show us Your goodness once again today so that we may start our day in bright hope of all that You have planned for us today, and throughout eternity!


BLESSING(S) NOTED: In spite of dismal current events and projections, believers in Jesus Christ has a hope that outshines everything this world can dish out to us. For our hope and future is in the hands of our Creator, who is also our Finisher and Preparer of a much brighter tomorrow!


PRAYER: Precious Lord, we stand amazed in the presence of Jesus our Lord, knowing that all we see facing us today is temporal and, even worse, the evil work of the adversary. Please encourage us with the boldness to always stand in Your presence knowing that we have a hope – a hope for a bright tomorrow, whether here on earth, or in the glories of heaven! Moses saw first-hand the many miracles You performed to deliver he and his people. Today we are blessed with an array of ancestors who have shared the miraculous stories of all You did in their lives. This, in addition to all that You have done in our own lives, convinces us of Your amazing power to heal, bless and encourage us towards a future filled with Your goodness and a hope that we need so badly today. Come quickly Lord Jesus, for we need You more today than ever before. AMEN!

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