For every aspect of life, we can find an application that lines up with the will of God, because He knew way ahead of time what would occur, and how we would need direction. You will find His direction in His Word, just as in today’s words of wisdom. Please don’t wait until the weekend for your pastor to point these things out, nor for devotionals such as this. Make the Bible a daily part of your life application. Read it for the direction you will need each day, and for the days that follow!


DATE POSTED Wednesday, 2021-12-15
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Proverbs 13:20-22
TRANSLATION: Contemporary English Version (CEV)


BIBLE TEXT: 20 Wise friends make you wise, but you hurt yourself by going around with fools.  21 You are in for trouble if you sin, but you will be rewarded if you live right.  22 If you obey God, you will have something to leave your grandchildren…..


APPLICATION: It is so easy to sit in front of a television and listen to all that is being pitched at you. It is so rewarding to attend church and listen to all that the preacher will pitch at you. But when you proceed through each day, where do your decisions come from? Dear friends, it all comes from a heart that has been filled from sources such as mentioned above. Unfortunately, I believe that you respond based on what has been poured into your heart most. From television I believe you concentrate on what seems to make everyone successful. There may be some semblance of biblical truth included, but I’m afraid that way too often we are being fed a full dose of the world’s view of what life should be like. If you are a child of the King and seeking to obey Him, or seeking to know Him better, or wanting to do His will, then it would seem to me that we should all spend more time in His Book of Instruction, the Bible. We will respond to life based on what we have filled our heart, mind and soul with. We will be obedient to the things we believe in, trust, and seek to imitate. I trust that each of these things will always point you to the cross of Calvary, to the risen Christ, and to the Father who awaits us in heaven where we hope to spend eternity. Solomon was known as the wisest man that ever lived, and because his words are entered as a part of our Bible, we know his words are God inspired, directed and approved. Many of us will aim at trying to help the weak and brokenhearted, but are we also concentrating on the advice God spoke through Solomon? If we seek to be wise, we will hang around wise people. We know that one who has made unwise decisions are referred to as ‘fools’. Therefore, we must avoid their advice and also avoid following their example if we want to show ourselves wise. God designed us to live according to His perfect example and His perfect will, so of course we run into trouble when we disobey Him. We are more apt to be obedient to that which we follow and place our faith and trust in. Friends, these wise words are intended to make us wise to God’s intended purpose for our lives. I pray that you, like me, will savor these words of advice and seek to know what God desires of us each day. Entertainment is ok, but obedience to our Creator leaves a legacy for our children and grandchildren, according to Solomon!


BLESSING(S) NOTED: There is nothing more meaningful in life than to know that you are living a wonderful life in line with the perfect will of Jesus Christ, and that you will leave a powerful legacy behind for your children and grandchildren.


PRAYER: Lord, please forgive us for our rebellious attitude in seeking to follow what seems like the most fun, or what makes the rich even richer. You designed us to be just like You, then You provided Your Book of Instruction to guide us and teach us about Your perfect will. Please forgive us for our weakness, and always keep us directed towards that which is best for us. May we be faithful to reading Your Word each and every day so we may be reminded of all that You would have us do. May others see Jesus because of our obedience, even in tempting times when the world seems to be succeeding. AMEN!

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