Most of us give, with hopes of a return favor or act of kindness. But Jesus said that will be the only reward that we receive, and that could be disappointing. But when we give to those who can’t possibly repay us, God will reward us! As we ponder this Scripture today, think about which type of rewards you prefer.


DATE POSTED: Thursday, 2021-09-09
WRITTEN AT: Okeechobee, FL

BY: Ed Algreen


SCRIPTURE FROM: Luke 14:12-14
TRANSLATION: The Passion Translation (TPT)


BIBLE TEXT: 12 Then Jesus turned to his host and said, “When you throw a banquet, don’t just invite your friends, relatives, or rich neighbors—for it is likely they will return the favor. 13–14 It is better to invite those who never get an invitation. If you invite the poor to your banquet, along with the outcast, the handicapped, and the blind—those who could never repay you the favor, then you will experience a great blessing in this life, and at the resurrection of the godly you will receive a full reward.”


APPLICATION: It seems like the days of mixing with friends and enjoying time together is becoming a rare thing. Partly due to Covid, but I truly believe that we have become such a spoiled and selfish people with our own entertainment – television, devices, etc. in our comfortable recliners, that we couldn’t care less about mixing with others. My wife and I are full-time RV’ers and way too often we visit a park and hardly see anyone, unless they go out to walk their dog. Camping used to be a time that everyone enjoyed the outdoors and the friendly campers that would pass by. Oh the comforts of home! But think about the parties you pitch, or the ones you attend. Don’t you find the same socio-economic type, and the same group of friends? Have you, or any of your well-off neighbors ever pitch a party for the homeless under the nearby bridge, or the beggars who stand at the corner every day? I know, life is just too fragile, and especially with crime at such a high level, you just don’t want to invite strangers into your home. But have you donated your time to the local food bank, or the kitchen that serves the hungry of your community? What if a few of us decided to volunteer at the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, instead of stuffing ourselves while enjoying yet another day of celebration with our family? I believe that as our eyes could be opened to the sobering thought that there are needy people out there who may have gone to the same school we attended, who used to attend the same church that we now call our home church, they have kids who challenge them just like ours do to us at times. I believe it is then that we might realize that there are people out there, just like us, but they need a hand up for just a short while. Perhaps their employment will return soon, or perhaps their retirement funds will be released soon, or their husband will be released from prison soon, with hopes of employment following very soon. In God’s Word Jesus said that in as much as you have done something helpful for the least of these, you have done it for Me. My friends, the needs are many, and often God will check our heart’s condition by placing a need right in front of us. Open your eyes dear friends, and encourage me to do the same. Jesus may be standing right in front of us wondering if we love Him enough to help Him. What will you do? I want to receive my full reward from Jesus when I see Him face-to-face, don’t you?


BLESSING(S) NOTED: A reward is coming, if only we will be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth and meet the needs that are so obvious, and that are standing right before our eyes!


PRAYER: The needs are many, and You have placed them in very obvious places so that we will be faced with a decision to help, or just pretend that the need could be resolved by someone else. Lord, please open the eyes of each reader and listener, so that we may apply ourselves to the needs and follow your example intently. I am thankful that there are rewards in store for those who see and meet the needs, but Lord I pray that Your children will be so anxious to give in return for all that You did for us on Calvary, that we will do so without any concern for being rewarded again. Please let us be Your hands and feet on the ground, and may we will always be loving and willing servants. AMEN!

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